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Concrete contractor Gilbert, AZ

The concrete business has never been new to owner Charles. Born into a family who had a concrete company, he grew up working with his dad and brothers. He completed several jobs during their early days and learned how to break, pour, and finish concrete. Nowadays, Charles has a concrete contract business of his own. Advanced Concrete Lifting understands that concrete can leave major liability issues. Concrete can leave you with potential safety hazards and we are here to help you fix or replace it!

Our Quality Services

  • Stem Wall Repair
  • Foundation Lifting
  • Foundation Repair
  • Sidewalk and Slab Lifting
  • Sidewalk and Slab Repair
  • Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Crack
  • Stitching Repair

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A Job Done Well

Uneven concrete of your sidewalks, walkways, and driveway result in a tripping hazard which can lead to injuries. Drivers can also deal with tire and alignment problems when driving on uneven surfaces. With the help of Advanced Concrete Lifting, you can level out your concrete, save money, and keep pedestrians and drivers safe. Our professional services can leave you with a safe even surface. We use polyurethane to lift and fill any uneven surfaces. That way, you don't have to get these surfaces re-paved.

We're pleased to offer a 10 percent discount for veterans and first responders.

We are included on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors ROC 324664


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Business Hours:

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